Angelina Sommers

I struggled in every aspect of my life for years until I changed my mindset completely. - Now I want to help people find their alignment in 21 days.

Hi Dear,
my name is Angelina

If you are like me, one day you came to a point when enough was enough. You are tired of living every day frantically trying to keep up, not ever feeling like you are living your true purpose or even enjoying your life. I came to this point 8 years ago and new I needed real answers and SOLUTIONS that ACTUALLY WORKED!

Know this:

When I started the journey back to re-claiming my life I was sure things like Manifestation, The Law of Attraction and Mindset were just woo-woo ideas that didn’t hold any water. After years of frustration trying to apply discipline, willpower and failing to really change anything, I decided to open my mind to a totally new way of thinking, and this turned out to be the key to total transformation!

Over the years I have learned a few facts:

  1. It’s not that complicated!

  2. If you truly wish to change something, you must work on the level of the core building-blocks.

  3. Everything that exists in the physical world, first started out in the mind.

I am going to teach you how to use:

Positive thinking

Unlock your hidden potential and Start creating the life you deserve.


Become a POWERFUL manifesting machine and turn your goals into reality!

Abundance mindset

Let go of your old ways and start manifesting abundance in your life!

Unlock Your Dreams, Live in alignment & attract abundance into your life!