Anything you think about can become real!

Get the true secrets to success in 21 steps that will enhance your life, business, energy, confidence & more!

21 Audio Lessons

10-15 min. each

1 actionable concept per-day

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Every day, we have 50 to 70,000 thoughts - unfortunately, 80% of them are negative.

In order to have the life we desire, we first must convert these subconscious limiting beliefs into a powerful, activated mindset.

Hi, my name is Angelina,

I am going to show you how in 21 days, using no more than 30 minutes per day, you can envision and create a brand new life for yourself!
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This program focuses on:

Positive Thinking

Unlock Your True Potential by re-programming your mindset and putting a STOP TO LIMITING BELIEFS!


Become a POWERFUL manifestation machine. Identify your true goals learn how to live in a way that will turn your GOALS INTO REALITY!

Abundance Mindset

Lear to truly VALUE YOURSELF and Start Manifesting  the ABUNDANCE YOU DESERVE in your life!

Results You
Can Expect

See what our students say about the life-changing impact of 21 Days to Greatness!

Susan Sanders, AL

“Why don’t they teach this at school?” If I only knew what I know now when I was deciding what degree and career to pursue? I would have shaved off years of wondering without a direction and would have created my dream life in my early twenties. I am thankful to George and Angelina for sharing their experience with the Law of Attraction. Learning about someone’s personal hands-on experience is the best way for me to learn and I am happy to be on the journey of self-development thanks to this great video course."

Peter Monroe, NY

“Powerful 21-day toolkit I didn’t think that those simple video lessons will have such a profound impact on my life. Having taken the full video course created by George and Angelina, I’ve been able to uncover some deeply buried ideas that truly create meaning for me and have become the center of my business and personal life."

Andy Kralik, TN

"When I joined 21 Days to Greatness I was skeptical about the value it would provide but I was desperate to make a change in my life. I am happy I made that decision and invested in that course. The first Module alone is absolutely priceless! It taught so much about self reflection and building awareness. I got a job offer at the company I’ve been dreaming about and I’ve also met an amazing lady recently. Thanks for changing my life, Angie!"


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